The Alliance conference: local - regional - digital - international - global

Our vision and foundation:

  • Jesus Christ is Lord of the Alliance conference
  • We serve Him and seek to further the unity of the worldwide body of Christ
  • As a faith-based conference with the Bible at its center, we provide orientation for the present and the future
  • We show our appreciation and encourage others
  • While celebrating fellowship with one another, we aim to connect people of different generations, communities, congregations and nations
  • We help people recognise their calling from God and how to serve in His kingdom according to their talents
  • We pray and work for an atmosphere filled with God’s presence, and seek His will and best for the town of Bad Blankenburg
  • We honour the generations on whose shoulders we stand and prepare the way for younger generations
  • We contribute to the healing of our country and the nations
  • In all this we turn our eyes upon our Lord God, who was, and is, and is to come